23 benefits of eating good food in moderation

Ed. note: This entry is about the benefits that I’m experiencing as a result of focusing on eating good food in moderation. If you would like to know more about how I’ve lost nearly 15 lbs in 2 months while still eating the foods I love, and without medication or supplements of any kind, consider subscribing via RSS. Thanks.

I’m now approaching the two month mark of trying this completely new approach (new to me) to losing weight and improving my health, and I must say, its going really well. I had no idea how easy it would be to make some of the minor changes, nor how effective it would be to lose weight this way, sanely.

In embarking on the journey of making the switch to eating real food in moderation, here are some of the benefits that I’m already experiencing:

1. I’m losing weight slowly, and when I do occasionally partake of less than ideal food, it is not reflected in a rapid weight jump
2. Heartburn is much less frequent
3. I still crave the old fake foods somewhat, and I occasionally indulge on social occasions (which I don’t feel bad about), but by and large the cravings are lessening
4. I’m now eating good foods like real butter, croissants, and avocados, which I had previously banned at times
5. I’m starting to develop an enhanced sense of appreciation for wine, and it is becoming an increasingly important part of closing a meal
6. I’m getting used to the idea that eating late is not a bad thing – as long as I’m not stuffing myself.
7. My ability to taste the subtleties of my food is returning, now that the salt and sugar levels are reducing
8. My functional eating habits are slowly changing. I am getting more comfortable with smaller, more meaningful portions; my bite size is smaller; I’m eating slower and savoring each bite; and I’m not eating in front of the television or computer (or both), or at least not as much.
9. I’m seeking out better quality food in defiance of the huge ad campaigns that tell us to do otherwise
10. I’m eating at home more, and almost always at the table, with my family
11. I see clearly that the quantity equals value philosophy is one of the major reasons that I’ve struggled with weight gain my whole life
12. I’m eating the most decadent ice cream I can find and late in the evening – just less of it. And I’m still losing weight.
13. I care more each day about things like where my food is coming from, what it is made of, and where to get fresh vegetables and meat locally
14. I am really getting into the technical aspects of cooking foods that I’ve never eaten on a regular basis before
15. Things that are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup I am starting to find sickeningly sweet
16. I have not started to exercise regularly, but that is my “ace in the hole” — I am excited to start exercising moderately, as I think it will only speed up the process of overall health improvement.
17. I am not going crazy with feelings of deprivation or the usual emotional strain from “enduring” a diet regimen
18. I’m enjoying the sense of being content but not “full” at the end of every meal (trying to find the 80% full sensation of hari hachi bu)
19. I have not had to risk major injury or heart attack to lose weight
20. I’m developing a real, honest taste for vegetables
21. I went on vacation, and didn’t gain any significant weight back
22. My wife and friends are very supportive of the idea, which gives me some great motivation
23. I’m enjoying the process, unlike every other diet I’ve tried.

And this is just the start. So many of these benefits are just beginning to take shape. At the end of this month, the proof will be in what the scale says. My goal for this month was to hit the 15 lb mark for the year, and I think I’m in right on track to do just that.