Photos of What We Eat #8: Quiche at Cafe Besalu in Seattle

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photo of quiche

photo of quiche
Lunch, Friday afternoon, Cafe Besalu in Seattle (Ballard)

Cafe Besalu is one of our favorite places to eat in Seattle, and is on the mandatory list of stops whenever we are back home. Today we shared one of each of the quiches they had left at lunch time; unfortunately, I didn’t write the ingredients down before we left – I was in a culinary haze after eating bites of each of these, and then finishing it off with an Americano and a lemon cookie.

When you eat here, Life, is Good.

Cafe Besalu is the closest we have found to a Parisian cafe outside of Paris. The croissants and pastries are the real thing, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is simple, intimate, and comfortable whether you are out trying to impress a date or looking for a lunch spot with your wife, toddler, and 4-year-old.