Photos of What We Eat #13: Grilled tuna with Beschamel sauce

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grilled tuna, potatoes, and salad
Supper, summer

  • Grilled Oregon Albacore Tuna with leftover homemade Beschamel sauce
  • Cippolini onions and fresh green beans (CSA, Farmer’s Market)
  • Fingerling potatoes (CSA)

fresh green beans

I love this photo for one personal reason: growing up, when we ate green beans, they typically came from a can. I really didn’t discover how great fresh green beans can be until adulthood, I think mostly because my palate has changed over the last few years. 

We have been spending every evening outdoors if at all possible knowing that summer is winding down. I have no doubt that there are already queues of clouds forming in the deepest nether regions of the Pacific, but it’s kind of a taboo thing to think about in early September. Summer in the Pacific Northwest is hard to beat, and when it is accompanied by fresh, local food, there are few simple things that are more enjoyable on a perfect September evening.